Silk Road Ministries

The Silk Road in its origin was a Trans-Asian network of trade routes linking East Asia with the Mediterranean. Convoys of camels and caravans travelled trails that bridge major nations from Xian China in the East across Central Asia to Rome in the West.

Nestorian Christians brought the Gospel to China along those routes, and in the 13th Century Marco Polo covered the distance from Venice to China travelling the Silk Road.
Now in the 21st Century the United Nations plan to build a modern Trans-Asian highway 4000 miles along the route of the Asian Silk Road. Silk Road Ministries was founded in 1997 as a registered Christian charity in the United Kingdom. The name represents a vision and desire to network with other Christian workers to reach out into limited access countries in Asia. Together we serve as a bridge to churches and people bringing the Love of God, teaching His Word and helping to provide necessary resources and training.

Our task is to equip church leaders to teach and train their own congregations to fulfil the great commission within their own nations, to their own people.

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