Men's Fellowship Choir

One of our former Assistant Ministers, Rev Nigel Reid, was responsible for getting Cuningham Menís Fellowship Choir off the ground some 6+ years ago.
Nigel had a love for music and very often at the Elders early morning prayer meeting he would have the elders join together in a hymn prior to prayer.
At a congregational meeting one time Nigel was instrumental in getting the Elders to sing together during the traditional programme part of the evening. This went down so well with the congregation at that meeting it was felt that this fellowship could be built upon. Hence others were invited & encouraged to come along and join this group.
So to this day the Menís Fellowship Choir have kept on going. Not only do they enjoy the singing together but the fellowship they enjoy from their practices etc.
They have gone to sing at Mission Halls around the country, Nursing Homes and various special services. Back almost 3 years ago they produced a CD called ĎSend the Lightí.
The men are very much indebted to the ladies who give of their time to put them through their paces. Namely, Gillian Finnegan who plays for them along with the help of Audrey Mellon, Audrey Shiels and Mary McCord. Also on occasions Joy Moore the church organist lends a helping hand too. In deed on occasions the ladies join in with the men for some pieces.

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