Arab World Ministries

AWM mobilises teams to glorify God among peoples of the Arab world by initiating church-planting movements in partnership with local churches.

What Do We Mean By:

Peoples Of The Arab World

The Arab world lies at the heart of the 10/40 Window and remains the greatest challenge to Christian mission. AWM focuses on Arab peoples who have little opportunity to hear and understand the gospel. With some notable exceptions, there are few viable indigenous communities of believing Christians in the Arab world with adequate numbers and resources to evangelise their own people without cross-cultural or other outside assistance.


AWM workers serve together in teams to fulfill their mission vision and purpose. A team is a group of at least three missionary units (where a unit is a couple or a single person) who are committed to each other and to their common ministry task.

Church-Planting Movements

AWM workers, in partnership with others, use a variety of evangelism and discipleship methods to nurture dynamic reproducing Arab churches with a heart for mission.


Both in the sending process and while ministering in the Arab world, AWM recognises the importance of working in close cooperation with the local church. We want to be a valued partner in facilitating the overseas ministries of UK sending churches. And where there are national churches with a heart for the unreached, if possible we want to partner with them in the task.

Ministry Methods

To fulfil the Mission Statement, AWM:

mobilises long-term missionaries from the international Body of Christ. Short-term workers are also mobilised as appropriate focuses on evangelism, discipleship, Bible teaching, church-planting and leadership development among unreached peoples uses innovative, relevant and culturally appropriate strategies works in cooperation with others who share our evangelical position and purpose

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